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"I’ve been meaning to text you."
“I’ve thought about you, but don’t care enough to interact with you.”

I don’t think I’d be nearly as offended if we have had a conversation since the night my mother died. But hey, you wanna pretend you give a fuck about my existence, good for you.

I really don’t think I’m emotionally stable enough for rose tyler to die
Fuck off Dr.who.

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how small is this goddamn pig


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I’m gonna have to start censoring the music she’s listening to. So many bad words! Kids now a days. #BABYEVERLY #parentpending #patentpending

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Body Art by Gesine Marwedel, Germain artist.

I’m amazed

The dopest shit ever

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photography ✌︎

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Ultimate Spider-Man - Guardians of the Galaxy

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uno, dos & tre came out 2 years ago. uno the month before my grandmother died. 

it’s weird that the 3 CDs that helped me get through my grandmother’s death and the end of my first love are the CDs helping with my mother’s death. 

*not the only ones. but. on a binge of these CDs.* 

this song used to make me cry for so many reasons. first love man. now i listen to it and cry just because i miss my mommy. 

fucking love green day. 

such a long fucking day. 

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Ah yes, the flute

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We rode a roller coaster called the thunderbolt today. You hit the top before the drop and it’s the most gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn.

I need to be here forever.

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when these people you have conversations with be like “oh my life is so hard, my nail broke this morning”

…..the struggle is real when you’re insanely emotionally distressed. BROOKLYN TOMORROW. 

ps hi tumblr i haven’t seen you in 9 million years