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Posted 6 days ago

so with some talk between my best friend and I; I have decided to start a ridiculous blog just to share all of the lovely dating excursions I have dealt with.

the beauties of being a fat single chick on the interwebz.

when and if i actually decide to share it, the link will be posted. 

if i even have any tumblr followers anymore


i bought the shiny; extended version of fault in our stars. 

so i’ll be here crying for the next 2 months.

real talk.

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"I’ve been meaning to text you."
“I’ve thought about you, but don’t care enough to interact with you.”

I don’t think I’d be nearly as offended if we have had a conversation since the night my mother died. But hey, you wanna pretend you give a fuck about my existence, good for you.

I really don’t think I’m emotionally stable enough for rose tyler to die
Fuck off Dr.who.

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how small is this goddamn pig


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I’m gonna have to start censoring the music she’s listening to. So many bad words! Kids now a days. #BABYEVERLY #parentpending #patentpending

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Body Art by Gesine Marwedel, Germain artist.

I’m amazed

The dopest shit ever

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photography ✌︎

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Ultimate Spider-Man - Guardians of the Galaxy

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uno, dos & tre came out 2 years ago. uno the month before my grandmother died. 

it’s weird that the 3 CDs that helped me get through my grandmother’s death and the end of my first love are the CDs helping with my mother’s death. 

*not the only ones. but. on a binge of these CDs.* 

this song used to make me cry for so many reasons. first love man. now i listen to it and cry just because i miss my mommy. 

fucking love green day. 

such a long fucking day. 

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Ah yes, the flute